Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jack LaLanne turns 95 on 26 September 2009 is planning a celebration for Jack LaLanne on his 95th birthday. See for details on how anyone can participate in a collective "feat of strength" to honor all that Jack has done to get us all motivated about fitness for the past 50+ years. Some highlights:
  • Group Feat of Strength planned in the San Francisco Bay Area. The basic idea is a moderate bike ride covering some of Jack's old haunts in the East Bay and in SF, with some fun activities planned along the way. Total distance 20-30 miles. You must signup with the social networking site to access the "group feat of strength" link and to get involved.
  • Party at Sports Basement, Sunnyvale on 18 Sep 2009. Gear up and get a decent discount. We'll also go over the plans for the group feat of strength in the SF Bay area. Email me if you plan to come.(Note: has no connection with Sports Basement. Steve just got lucky with a raffle ticket.)
  • Publicity photoshoot: We're working on get a little story published in a local SF Bay area paper about this effort. Anyone interested in getting in on a photo for the story with Chris LaLanne, signup and include your email.
  • Bodycare reform - How Jack's credo of physical fitness is probably the most effective, long-term route towards reduced healthcare costs.
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